How to Slice in Cricut Design Space for Beginners

Learn how to slice in Cricut Design Space. This step-by-step tutorial will show how to use the slice tool.

Design space can seem intimidating when you first get your Cricut. There’s just so many awesome tools and features to help us design! One of the features that is extremely helps is the slice tool. The goal of this article is to help you feel less overwhelmed by design space so that you can focus on the fun part….crafting!

I’m going to be using a SVG set that can be found in my free SVG library and Facebook group. That way if anyone would like to practice and follow along they have access to the exact files used. If you need help with unzipping and uploading files to Design Space then check out this tutorial.

I feel I always learn and remember new skills best by doing. So sign up for my free SVG library here or join my Facebook group here.

Now let’s get started!


I am going to start by typing the number 12 (you can use any number you want) in the font “Varsity Team”, from DaFont. Which can be downloaded here.


I am then going to resize the number and the laces that I have uploaded, so that the laces overhang slightly off of the numbers. At this point you can also choose to make a copy of the number if you would like to layer the laces on top a solid layer vs using the “knockout method” (this is best when layering glitter iron on since most glitter HTV brands do not recommend layering on top).


I am next going to select the red laces and hit “weld”. I do this because slice only works with two images at a time. Welding both laces will make them become “one”.


Next, I will select both the laces and the number. It is very important that BOTH are selected. You will know they are selected when they layer panel shows both highlighted in dark gray. With both images selected, we can now hit “slice” (which can be found in the bottom right-hand corner next to the “weld” tool that we just used).


You can now begin selecting and separating the the layers apart. Then delete any unwanted parts that are leftover. 


In my design, this leaves me with a red and black version that are identical. I then placed the red on top of my solid number 12 and changed the black laces to red (by selecting them and using the color box next to “line type” in the top left of the menu bar).




This leaves me with a layered version and a knockout version. What I make with the design will determine which version I would use. I typically choose to layer unless it is a glitter on glitter HTV (heat transfer vinyl/iron on) design, then I would use the “knockout version” on the left.


(Some speciality vinyls such as, glitter and strip flock, are not meant to be layered on top of. Doing so may result in your design not holding up long-term.)


Voila! You can know take you sliced designs and begin creating! I used this design to make a baseball shirt with jersey number on the back. I chose the layered version since it was glitter HTV on top of regular HTV. It turned out perfect! What will you be creating with your new knowledge of the slice tool?



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